Guide Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? (True Adventures in Cult Fandom)

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Though now I'm going to have to back track and rewatch BtVS in order to try and enjoy it all over again : Will be PM'ing Megmac right after this and get this brilliant book on it's way again. Many thanks to GoryDetails for hosting this ring and to VariC for posting on to me. Happy Travels! Received in post today, thank you AgnesXNitt and thank you for the other book too, very kind of you :- As a member of several 'fandoms' including Buffy and Firefly, I am looking forward to reading this and probably cringing lol.

This a wonderful book, it brightened my day whenever I read it. That said, I think anybody would find this book entertaining. Thank you for sharing :- I have pm'd Chich.

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Book received today, thanks so much for passing it on Megmac and thanks for starting this ring Guinneth! What a fun read! As GoryDetails previously said, some passages in the book definitely reminded me of BookCrossing, its forum threads and of course its "crazy book people";o Thanks so much for sharing this Guinneth:o I already have mikime's address and will be sending her the book tomorrow.

Book sent to mikime today, enjoy! Entry 8 for the Keep Them Moving Challenge. This has just arrived. Thanks for sending it! Such a funny, entertaining, sparkling book! I truly enjoyed it, as a memoir of online community activity AND as Buffy-verse-related! Thank you so much for letting me read it! I think I'll buy a copy for myself, by the way.

I'll send it on to tqd as soon as I get her address.

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I've been looking forward to this one for some time, and it turned up as an early birthday present! My birthday party last night was spent with other Buffy etc fans, and much discussion about Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog occurred, amongst other fandom topics. Us fangirls and fanboys rock. Hmmm, entertainingly written I too had Duran Duran's "Rio" as the backdrop to my teenage angst , a lot to identify with Buffy fandom, addiction to internet communities, introversion, "imposter syndrome" , but I didn't find Allyson all that great to read.

But I think I was expecting something more about the whole Buffy fandom community, but with the infighting that went on with the parties, it didn't make it something I wanted to be part of. Fandom in Australia never brings you that sort of rewards, and I think that's where this book failed for me.

The stuff about the fandom just read as yet-more-stuff-I-cannot-participate-in, and while I am a great lover of online communities and spend far too much time in them , this was more about her online community, tales of how spiffing her friends are, how beautiful they all are, how wonderful everyone in her gang of friends are.

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Did anyone else want to gouge out their eyes during that interminable email lovefest to bring Nilly to the States? It was a lovely gesture from the online community, but she could have chopped out that entire verbatim quotation section. Shame, because she does have an amusing writing style, so even while I was a bit "oh, ho hum" about the content of the book I was amused at the same time.

I'm just disappointed that the content wasn't up to scratch with her writing. Okay, and I'm very jealous that she got to meet Joss. If he doesn't have it finished by the end of the week, I'll wrestle it away from him and post it on.

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Thanks for starting the ray, Guinneth! He mostly agreed with me: some funny writing, but what he calls the "goldfish syndrome" where people in this case, the author thinks that everything is new and never ever happened to everyone else. Think of a goldfish swimming in a bowl, going "ooh look!

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Personally, I think he's a bit harsh with the whole "goldfish" idea, but I love the way he says "ooh look! Arrived on a hot and steamy Darwin day. It will be next to be read. I didn't enjoy this as much as I had hoped. The writing was uneven, and I didn't particularly like Allison. Some of her comments on online communities and the personalities you come across was so right. I will post it as soon as I have an address. Got this in the post. This was a funny read. I am one of these vampire people and I am a Buffy fan. I'm about halfway through another bookring so I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Thank you Thank you! I Read this book surprisingly quickly. I enjoyed this book, I'm a buffy The vampire slayer fan, and loved the talk of IM chat throughout the book, I've always been more of a lurker in bookcrossing forums than a main corespondent. It was an nice easy to read story but slightly disapointing, I think the author narked me a little. Overall enjoyable. Hope the next reader enjoys it. Hope you enjoy it. I have lmn60 's address and shall post the book on by the end of this week. My bad! This arrived safely last week but I haven't had the opportunity to journal it until now.

I'm looking forward to this one - though have a couple of other books ahead of it. More when I've actually read this one! Oh the shame of it all! I actually read this book a few weeks ago.. I'm a big BtVS fan - just started watching the series again from the beginning - and was really looking forward to this book. Allyson's egocentricity and, let's face it, rather mediocre writing skills meant that I was doomed to disappointment.

Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?, by Allyson Beatrice -

She had some interesting things to say about online communities - but nothing that couldn't have been said better by another writer. I could write a few more caustic comments - but I'm so moritified at delaying this ray that I shall bite my tongue and parcel it up ready for the next reader. I have Veggie's address and will ship this one off tomorrow!

Thanks lmn After reading a lot of the comments, I don't have high expectations for this book - a good way to start, as sometimes you're pleasantly surprised. Hubby and I recently started watching Buffy again too on Season 3 at the moment. I don't know, this book was somewhat amusing, but a lot of it was not all that interesting to me - as someone else has already said, the writing was better than the content. And I agree about the goldfish syndrome.

click Saving Firefly was great, Imposter not so. Random Acts of Paypal didn't do a lot for me - a nice thing for them all to do, but I didn't need to hear quite so much praise for the saintly Nilly. I was never part of the Buffy phenomenon, as it was on Pay TV here.

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We eventually caught a couple of episodes and then started buying the DVDs, which was after it had all ended. So it was kind of interesting hearing about the online Buffyverse, but I could have done with less gossip about her online friends and more info on Joss-related stuff. But then I got to Imposter and her comments about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you don't get to have a syndrome just because you're tired. That's when I began actively disliking her.