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Ni–YSZ(111) solid–solid interfacial energy

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  • Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Supplementary information PDF K. Article type: Paper. Nickel wires with different impurity content Impurity particles in the interfacial region were also observed.

    Solid-solid interface reconstruction at nominally incoherent interfaces: Ni-Al2O3 and Ni-YSZ

    The impurity phase was described as an alkali silicate glassy phase. No differences were found between polarised and non-polarised samples. At non-polarised conditions a hill and valley type structure was found.

    Native Instruments KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 & 2 Review - (Noise, Dynamic Range a more measurements!)

    Anodic polarisation produced an up to 1 um thick interface layer consisting of nano-sized YSZ particles with some Ni present. At cathodic polarisation both a granulated structure and a lull and valley structure resembling the structure of non-polarised samples were found. Small impurity ridges were surrounding the contact areas on non-polarised and cathodically polarised samples. The impedance spectroscopy revealed that depending on the impurity content of the nickel, different developments of the polarisation resistance with time took place.

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    At open circuit voltage the samples with impure nickel electrodes showed an initial increase toward a high constant polarisation resistance, whereas the samples with pure nickel electrodes showed a considerable decrease to a low constant polarisation resistance with time. For both types of nickel the polarisation resistance dropped upon polarisation.

    The area specific polarisation resistances for the samples with pure electrodes were approximately 10 times lower than for samples with impure electrodes.