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In: Nasya, T. Mutagenesis: exploring novel genes and pathways. Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands. Soni, P. Towards understanding abiotic stress signalling in plants: convergence of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics approaches. In: Pandey, G. Elucidation of abiotic stress signaling in plants: A functional genomic perspective. Springer New York. Gupta, B.

Designing climate smart future crops employing signal transduction components. Khanna-Chopra, R.

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Biswal et al. Plastid development in leaves during growth and senescence, advances in photosynthesis and respiration Springer, The Netherlands. Soda, N. A suite of new genes defining salinity stress tolerance in seedlings of contrasting rice genotypes. Funct Integr Genomics 13 3 : Biochemical composition of green alga Chlorella minutissima in mixotrophic cultures under the effect of different carbon sources. J Biosci Bioeng 5 : Salt overly sensitive pathway members are influenced by diurnal rhythm in rice.

Plant Signal Behav 8 7 : e Sekhon, S. Structural and biochemical characterization of the cytosolic wheat cyclophilin TaCypA Cyclophilins: proteins in search of function. Plant Signal Behav 8 1 : e Modulating the expression of transcription factors: an attractive strategy for raising abiotic stress tolerant plants. Plant Stress Sp 1: Sahoo, K. Taming Drought stress in rice through genetic engineering of transcription factors and protein kinases.

Narrowing down the targets for yield improvement in rice under normal and abiotic stress conditions via expression profiling of yield-related genes. Kumar, G. Clustered metallothionein genes are co-regulated in rice and ectopic expression of OsMT1e-P confers multiple abiotic stress tolerance in tobacco via ROS scavenging. Nongpiur, R. Histidine kinases in plants: cross talk between hormone and stress responses. Plant Signal Behav 7 10 : Kumar, R. Functional screening of cDNA library from a salt tolerant rice genotype Pokkali identifies mannosephosphate guanyl transferase gene OsMPG1 as a key member of salinity stress response.

Plant Mol Biol 79 6 : Singh, A. Overexpression of rice CBS domain containing protein improves salinity, oxidative, and heavy metal tolerance in transgenic tobacco. Mol Biotechnol 52 3 : Cloning, structural and expression analysis of OsSOS2 in contrasting cultivars of rice under salinity stress.

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Genes, Genomes and Genomics Joshi, R. Microarray Technology. In: Gupta, A. Biotechnology in Medicine and Agriculture: Principles and Practices. Bioinformatics and In silico Technology. Anjum, N. Understanding stress-responsive mechanisms in plants: an overview of transcriptomics and proteomics approaches. In: Tuteja, N. I mproving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress.

An improved protocol for efficient transformation and regeneration of diverse indica rice cultivars. Plant Methods 7 1 : Singh, K. Dissecting out the crosstalk between salinity and hormones in roots of Arabidopsis.

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OMICS 15 12 : Analysis of a salinity induced BjSOS3 protein from Brassica indicate it to be structurally and functionally related to its ortholog from Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol Biochem 49 9 : Virdi, A. Evidence for the possible involvement of calmodulin in regulation of steady state levels of Hsp90 family members Hsp87 and Hsp85 in response to heat shock in sorghum. Plant Signal Behav 6 3 : Dutta, T. Developmental changes in storage proteins and peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity in grains of different wheat cultivars.

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Stress Signaling in Plants: Genomics and Proteomics Perspective, Volume 1

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Emerging Technologies and Management of Crop Stress Tolerance

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Altaf Ahmad holds a M. His professional research interest focuses on the identification of candidate genes for low-N tolerance in wheat and rice through analysis of proteome profile and differentially expressed miRNAs. Professor Ahmad is also developing FRET-based genetically encoded nanosensors for real time monitoring of various metabolites in living cells.

He has to his credit more than significant publications and has guided thesis research of 18 Ph. Professor Ahmad handled several research projects funded by various government agencies. Professor Abdin has published more than original research papers and edited two books. He has guided 37 Ph.

Genomic and proteomic approaches for the study of HER receptor signaling

He has also visited several countries including U. Mohamed M. His professional research interest focuses on studying the role of gene expression in plant tolerance mechanism under several abiotic stresses. He is a Professor at King Saud University for 10 years. Moreover, he has served as a visiting professor to many academic institutions and departments including Istanbul University and King Abdulla University in the years He has more than 23 years of research experience working on the impact of various environmental pollutions using molecular biology tools.


Having served as Coordinator for many research projects granted by various funding agencies, Dr. Ibrahim authors an impressive number of peer reviewed quality publications in reputable scientific journals.

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In addition, he regularly serves as a referee for various international journals.