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Fiber Tracts.

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Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences. Mathematics and Visualization , pp Shape Analysis. Morphometric features of the brain include volume, area, and shape. Here we show shape changes in caudate nucleus in schizophrenia spectrum.


Corpus Callosum. The largest bundle of white matter fibers in the brain, created using Two-Tensor Tractography.

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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy is an imaging technique that shows brain metabolites. Beautiful Brain.

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Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

Kristin E. Maple Alicia M.

Alcohol use disorder and cannabis use disorder symptomatology in adolescents are differentially related to dysfunction in brain regions supporting face processing Emily K. Leiker Harma Meffert Yanpei Wang Lei Hao Unique insula subregion resting-state functional connectivity with amygdala complexes in posttraumatic stress disorder and its dissociative subtype Andrew A.

Nicholson Iman Sapru Paul Hamilton Gary H. Dominik Andreas Moser Francesca Suardi Cristina Berchio Camille Piguet Emily K. Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published since , extracted from Scopus. Andrew A.