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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews " """Dan Gable is a legend in wrestling and one of the greatest sports coaches of all time. Foreword p.

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    Popular Searches book about a cat by japanese author soccer coaching books confessions of the fox by jordy rosenberg books by lucinda riley historical novels set in sicily by italians. Item Added: Coaching Wrestling Successfully. Each season needs to be a new journey and goals give them something to chase week in and week out.

    Setting goals is a very important step. But helping your wrestler understand and help them layout that path to reach said goals is, in my opinion, way more important. Your athlete needs to fully understand what is necessary to reach the goals that have been set forth and they have to buy in fully. If you can get your athlete to buy into the plan and they are in control the possibilities are endless.

    They tell the wrestler how much they enjoy watching them wrestle.

    The RULES OF WRESTLING explained for beginners and parents

    They have the same high five, hug, or smile with losses as they do with wins. This keeps the wrestlers from being confused about the parents love and acceptance of the child, vs the need to win to make the parent happy.

    Coaching Wrestling Successfully (Coaching Successfully)

    I really liked this article. Which sadly, they are not. I have seen parents stick with a coach well past when they probably should of sought a different team for their coach. I know parenting of wrestlers has dramatically changed in 40 years. But my parents Harry R. Furst and Jean M. All good points. I got the best advice from a old coach years ago. I was the guilty party in the car on ride home. Coach explained to me that your son or daughter feels bad already about losing.

    And I always find something to tell him he did good. They know they lost or did something wrong.

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    But the car conversation has worked wonders for us. Best advice I ever received and it works. They eventuallly will come around. But the vehicle is not the place to start coaching and pointing out all there faults. From me grilling him 4 years ago non-stop to stopping it. That in my book is a WIN alll day long.

    Meet the Coaches

    I would love to one day develop a mentor program between the rec wrestlers and the current student wrestlers in middle and high school. I think this will help the child prepare for a future with wrestling, as well as help keep wrestling fun for everyone! Assistant Coach Imran, has been an assistant coach with the Ewing Recreation Wrestling team since Coach Imran began wrestling in 8th grade at Fisher Middle School and wrestled through high school at Ewing High where near side and far side tilts were his favorite way to gain those back points.

    As a coach, his favorite part of working with the kids is getting to see the kids improve as wrestlers, and getting to see them have fun and enjoy the sport of wrestling as they learn. For the parents, Coach Imran would like to remind you that wrestling is a contact sport so bumps and bruises may be a part of it.

    But the coaches are here to guide your kids as they develop skills and become stronger wrestlers experiencing matches from year to year. It is a tough sport, he says, but if the kids give it their best and do not get discouraged, they can only get better with practice and wrestling time. Assistant Coach Doug began wrestling in second grade, just like many of the kids on our team. He continued wrestling through his years at Bermudian Springs Middle School and High School, where he had the most escapes and reversals on his high school team.

    Coach Doug also wrestled through college at Lebanon Valley College, where he says he will never forget the friendships that he made. There are no time outs except for injuries. It is truly an art form where you build the basic structure, and fill in the details through the years. After time, one move flows to the next, to the next.

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    Coach Doug has been helping the Ewing Recreation Wrestling team on and off since and has now stepped in as a coach, making his first official debut as an Assistant Coach during the season. If something isn't working, speak up. Wrestling is a personal journey that is extremely rewarding for its discipline, fitness, and the unforgettable friendships along the way.

    Be there to encourage your wrestler along the way.